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#53: Dead iPhone

In the form of a math equation with an iPhone plus a washing machine equals an iPhone with the retro Macintosh dead icon.

The Story Behind Dead iPhone

Funny story time! I was on a movie date when I sat in urine - yes human urine - in the theater seat. Horrified, I ran out of the theater, quickly flagged down the manager and squished my way to the restroom. The manager brought me some t-shirts to, I guess, replace my outfit, which I used to cover the driver seat to my car. When I arrived home, I quickly threw my clothes in the wash and jumped in the shower. No amount of soap can wash off another human's pee. After my shower I wanted to text my date to let her know I was headed back to the theater, but I could not find my phone...wait, it was in the pocket of my pants. The pants I had put into the washing machine. I had washed my brand new iPhone.

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