a comic about random nerdy stuff
Montage of Seth as a child standing in front of an airplane, wearing a mu cow t-shirt, infinite cubicles, mu cow poster and sketches on a lightbox.

What is taleas about?

Random nerdy stuff. Taleas helps me vent artistic energy in a silly way when I start feeling too analytical and rigid.

How old is taleas?

Taleas was started in 2008.

Is there a story line?

There are common themes, but you won't find recurring characters, a plot or a story-arc.

What does taleas mean?

I like the word, I think it sounds cool and my first character was a stick figure.

Overly Nerdy Answer: Taleas is a Latin word that means rod or stick, and it is in the plural accusative form.

How do you say it?

I pronounce it "tally-us", but I'm from Texas and we're known for sayin' stuff a little diff'rent.

What's with the paper airplane?

That's the taleas logo. I've loved airplanes since I was a child, and I feel like the sketch makes a cool looking logo.

Where'd the font come from?

That's a custom font I made specifically for taleas. It's called "Hand of Seth" and it's currently on version 3.