a peculiar & quirky webcomic
Montage of Seth as a child standing in front of an airplane, wearing a mu cow t-shirt, infinite cubicles, mu cow poster and sketches on a lightbox.

What is taleas?

Taleas is a peculiar, quirky, random and slightly weird webcomic. You won't find many recurring characters, plot or a major story-arc and each individual comic is intended to stand on its own. Generally taleas is inspired by events and situations in my own life such as my love for airplanes and my having worked for startups since the '90s.

How old is taleas?

Taleas officially started Fall of 2008.

What does the word taleas mean?

I like the word, I think it sounds cool and my first character was a stick figure.

Overly technical answer: Taleas is a Latin word that means rod or stick, and it is in the plural accusative form.

How do you pronounce "taleas"?

I pronounce it "tally-us", but I'm from Texas and we're known for sayin' stuff a little diff'rent.

What's with the paper airplane at the top of every page?

That's the taleas logo. I've loved airplanes since I was a child, and I feel like the sketch makes a cool looking logo.

Where did the font come from?

That's a custom font I made specifically for taleas. It's called "Hand of Seth" and it's currently on version 3.