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#52: Fortune Cookie

A blank fortune inside a fortune cookie.

The Story Behind Fortune Cookie

There has been a lot of debate about just how Chinese the Chinese fortune cookie is. Some say it is purely an American creation, crafted by opportunist capitalists. Others say it was made my Chinese-American immigrants and is therefore a rightful tradition. Whatever the origin, the fortune cookie has become a trademark of Chinese food meals.

It’s wild to see just how seriously people take them. They are often inscribed with reassuring messages and sentiment but I don’t think anyone should invest too much emotion in them. But some people do. Some people think they truly are fortunes, somehow uniquely crafted specifically for them. And why not? Stranger things have happened. Besides, why would food lie to us? Food never lies. I don’t think I will ever believe the fortunes in fortune cookies are real but they are a pleasant way to end a good meal.

Plain Text Description of Fortune Cookie

A blank fortune inside a fortune cookie.

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