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Taleas is a cute, quirky, random, and slightly weird web comic and online shop created by Seth Black. You won't find a plot or deliberately cohesive story line; instead, each individual comic is intended to stand on its own. If you're curious, you can find out more about taleas on the about page.

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The most recent comic is
#123 "Older Gentleman Doesn't Have Enough Experience"

An elderly gentleman is being interviewed in Robot Manager's office. The Robot Manager says, "I'm sorry but I feel like you just don't have enough experience."

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The Story Behind Older Gentleman Doesn't Have Enough Experience

There's a hilarious tweet by Max Howell, the creator of Homebrew, "Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but you can’t invert a binary tree on a whiteboard so f**k off."

I have been an Engineer for over two decades (at the time of writing...it's actually odd to realize that I started this comic less than a decade into my career). I have been on both sides of the interview process and have been passed up for jobs where I was definitely the best candidate and have been enthusiastically shoved into roles that I should have never been in. I feel like the hiring process is constantly being criticized, torn apart, revised, reinvented, and rolled back based on subjective and very narrow data points. Not to discredit the difficulty of Computer Science and the effectiveness of any given engineer in ever changing industries, but there must be a better way - a way that balances experience and potential, necessary strengths and acceptable weaknesses, book smarts and street smarts.