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Taleas is a cute, quirky, random and slightly weird web comic by Seth Black. You won't find too many recurring characters a plot or a deliberately cohesive story. Each individual comic is intended to stand on its own. If you're curious, you can find out more about taleas on the about page.

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The most recent comic is
#121 "Not Listening Demotivational Poster"

Demotivational Poster with black background. Blue text reads, "The most destructive thing one person can do to another is not listen."
- I don't remember, I wasn't listening

#demotivationalposters #relationships

The Story Behind Not Listening Demotivational Poster

Listening. I feel like listening is one of the most important parts of communication, and most certainly one of the least used. There have been a number of studies showing that we do not remember the exact wording of sentences and that we appear to only commit to memory about a half to a third of what we hear. Listening is something that I've learned to purposefully do before, during, and after I take a strong stance on a given topic. It feels like nearly every year of my adult life I've been confronted with some form of social, religious, political, racial, or ideological divide that I feel compelled to reconcile with my own personal views and I try very hard to begin with listening.

Special thanks go out to my friend Jackie for posting an inspirational quote that quite literally inspired this comic.