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Taleas is a cute and quirky web comic and shop created by me, Seth Black. If you love a good back story, you can find out more on the about page.

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The most recent comic is
#138 "How Fast is Too Fast?"

A stick figure is saddled-up on a rocket tells a bystander, "this baby can get me to the supermarket in 300 milliseconds". The bystander calls out, "nice!"

The Story Behind How Fast is Too Fast?

This comic was drawn to accompany an essay I wrote about the speed of the Python programming language; in the essay I compare the speed of a rocket to a Toyota Corolla.

The nearest grocery store to our house is HEB (if you know anything about Texans and our love for local stores you will have definitely heard of HEB and Whataburger). This HEB is 2.6 kilometers (1.6 miles) away from our house. The X-15 Rocket travels at 7,270km/h (4,520mph). The maximum speed of a Toyota Corolla is 190km/h (118mph). This means that an X-15 will get me to HEB in approximately 1.3 seconds while the Corolla will move at a glacial pace to get me there in 49.3 seconds. That makes the Corolla 38 times slower!

If you wanna read the essay, you can check it out at sethserver.com/python/why-is-python-so-slow.html.

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