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Welcome to a Web Comic Called taleas!

Taleas is a cute, quirky, random and slightly weird web comic by Seth Black. You won't find too many recurring characters a plot or a deliberately cohesive story. Each individual comic is intended to stand on its own. If you're curious, you can read more about taleas on the about page.

The most recent comic is #103 "Heart Giving Heart - Valentine's Day 2020":

A male comic caricature heart is giving a female caricature heart a human heart for Valentine's Day. The female heart is surprised, and the male heart has a romantic look in his eyes.

#holidays #relationships

The Story Behind Heart Giving Heart - Valentine's Day 2020

This Valentine's Day was something to remember. My wife and I had planned a dinner date at a new restaurant here in town, complete with reservations and a friend lined up to babysit our daughter. A week before Valentine's Day, the restaurant we had reservations at went under. They were kind enough to work out a new reservation at another related restaurant at the same time. The week of Valentine's Day both our daughter and our babysitter's daughter got sick. Finally, on Valentine's Day, our babysitter and I both woke up sick - a loving gift from our children. I spent most of the day in bed. My wife took the opportunity to start working on a new painting, and I was able to get this comic published at solid two hours before midnight!

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