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scalable - sustainable - repeatable

I have worked for many companies with vague corporate mottos, guiding principles, and mission statements. Because taleas is so connected with who I am as a person I have decided to embed my core beliefs directly into how taleas operates as a business.

This list is by no means exclusive; you'll notice that honesty, transparency, quality are all missing. I purposefully excluded these from taleas' core values because every evil corporation I know of has them as their core values. I feel like the terms have practically lost their meaning within the business world. This does not mean that I am not dedicated to being honest, or being transparent, or having a high standard of quality; I simply believe those should be minimum requirements, not a goal that should be achieved.

What is scalability?

A famous Venture Capitalist, Paul Graham, wrote a paper called Do Things that Don't Scale. I feel like this is a very dangerous position for a small business, because sometimes scaling is the only way to succeed. Every process at taleas, from the maintenance of the website to the tech packs for scrunchies is developed with scalability in mind.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability covers multiple areas of taleas' product design. First, and foremost, are we using an environmentally sustainable materials? I have made a firm decision to avoid using petroleum-based materials in the manufacturing of taleas' merchandise wherever possible (this is *way* harder than it sounds). Second, are we able to sustainably continue what we're doing with minimal negative and maximum postive impact to the people involved in the process?

What is repeatability?

It's one thing to hack together a tote bag, wrap it in a paper bag, print out a shipping label, and mail it off; it is a completely different thing to fulfill 25 tote bag orders per day for a month. Repeatability helps drive quality. If the process is not something we can easily repeat, then we must rethink what we're doing.

- Seth