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You Too - Meal Postcard Regular Postcard
You Too - Meal Postcard Regular Postcard

#120: You Too - Meal Postcard


  • Printed on high-quality matte white paper 📜
  • Approximately 4" by 3" 📏
  • Perfect to put a smile on someone's face 😁
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Two stick figures are sitting at a table with plates of sushi and chopsticks, the waiter stick figure says, "Enjoy your meal!" One of the seated stick figures responds, "you too...".

I have probably said this to waiters and waitresses at least a million times, maybe more. I feel like politeness is ingrained in southern children from a very young age, so I feel the need to respond to politeness in kind. Aside from pointing out my reflexive responses, this comic also has a very special color palette - this is the color palette for the sushi restaurant that my wife and I met at.

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