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Warm Hand of Death Postcard Regular Postcard
Warm Hand of Death Postcard Regular Postcard

#57: Warm Hand of Death Postcard


  • Printed on high-quality matte white paper 📜
  • Approximately 4" by 3" 📏
  • Perfect to put a smile on someone's face 😁
  • Buy more and save! 💰
Two lobsters are chatting in a small lobster tank. One lobster asks the other, "You ever get the feeling that some day the warm hand of death will come down and scoop you away?"

I have never understood the original appeal of eating lobster. Seriously, who was the first person that saw one and thought, โ€œYUM! Letโ€™s eat this!โ€ First of all, they look like giant sea spiders, with their spindly little legs and their creepy eyes. Secondly, they arenโ€™t easy to catch - so theyโ€™re not cheap. Going out for lobster is an expensive affair. Then again, itโ€™s not a food you want to go cheap on. Buying cheap lobster sounds like food poisoning waiting to happen.

But perhaps the biggest hang-up I have about eating lobster is the difficulty level. Eating lobster is hard! Hard and messy. You have to put a bib on because that sucker is going to get everywhere, lobster guts will be flying in no time. You have to break through the lobsterโ€™s shell to get to its meat and the whole affair is strenuous and challenging. How many other foods require a little tool to eat it? Eating should be relaxing and fun but eating lobster is like solving a Rubik's Cube: itโ€™s hard, it takes too long and it leaves you exhausted!

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