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Sexy Nerd Postcard 4X6 white
Sexy Nerd Postcard
Sexy Nerd Postcard 4X6 white
Sexy Nerd Postcard Featured

#31: Sexy Nerd Postcard white 4X6


  • Printed on high-quality matte white card stock
  • Approximately 4" by 6"
  • Perfect to put a smile on someone's face
  • More personal than email
  • Way cheaper than flying

Please allow 2 - 4 business days for shipment.

Postcards are the perfect way to send friends and family a note to let them know that you're thinkin' about them!

Based on Comic #31: Sexy Nerd

A nerdy stick figure with glasses and a bowtie stands at the end of a bar. The bartender is serving a drink to a female stick figure saying, "Just keep 'em coming 'till that nerdy guy over there starts looking sexy."

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The Story Behind #31: Sexy Nerd

Alcohol can be such a huge stepping stone - or detriment - to being social. On one hand, it makes some people comfortable and laid back, willing to talk and be merry and cut loose. On the other hand, the wrong amount of alcohol can cause people to be angry, violent or just all-around grumps. There is a fine line between a good time and a horrible time and alcohol is the perfect way to hop, skip and jump right over that line.

It is really hard to meet new people when you are wobbly walking that thin line. Connecting with people, especially prospective dates, at a bar is such a crap shoot to begin with and alcohol only complicates it more. Are you going to get the flirtatious and fun new friends or the Incredible Hulk? It all depends on what they drank, and how much. A good rule of thumb: if you want to meet people at the bar, show up around 7 to 8 PM. People are having a good time and no one is sloppy or silly yet. Just make sure you time yourself right and depart before the clock strikes midnight. Nothing good happens after midnight.

The Story Behind taleas Postcards

Is there any better way to reach out to someone than a postcard?

Sure, they're old-fashioned and, yes, so few people use them now-a-days but there is really something very personal and heart-warming about receiving a postcard. The thought of someone you care about sitting down, writing out their thoughts to you on, and then dropping it in the mail to find you? How can you not love the idea of that!

And how can you not love the idea of Taleas postcards? With this colorful, fun, unique selection of postcards, you not only get a terrific way to reach out to those you care about, no matter where they reside, but you also get a wonderful assortment of bright and playful and fun pieces of art that you really can't find anywhere else on the web.

Each postcard is crafted for the perfect size, made with thick, durable paper, and also is incredibly affordable too. Created with high-quality white matte stock and brilliantly bright colors that don't fade, they are a wonderful way to touch bases with those you care about.

But if you are just looking for a great way to decorate your office, living space, dorm, or room, these Taleas postcards are also ideal for you. Because they won't or fall apart quickly, they will look great lining the walls of practically any room you want to spruce up. Does your office or bedroom need a little boost of quirky humor and character? We've got you covered with the Taleas postcard.

Frequently Asked Questions

⏱ How long will it take to ship my awesome new sexy nerd postcard?

It usually takes about 2 - 4 business days to make, pack and ship postcards. If anything comes up I'll email you and let you know.

💰 How much does shipping cost?

Free for U.S. domestic orders. For more details check out the taleas shipping policies.

📦 Where does taleas ship postcards from?

The sexy nerd postcard ships from Oakhurst, Texas.

🪃 Is there a return policy?

Totes! 30 days for undamaged paper goods and unworn/unwashed clothing. If the product arrives defective please email us at hello@taleas.com or give us a call at 1-833-580-0600 so we can get your issue resolved.

🤔 What if I have more questions?

Ping me at hello@taleas.com. I design every item that I sell and am delighted to answer any questions that you have.