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Paper Airplane Scrunchie

Paper Airplane Scrunchie



The 1980s 📟 are back with a vengeance, and what better way to celebrate than with scrunchies! WOO! 🎉

  • 7-inch band allows 3 turns for thin hair and 2 for thick 💁
  • Polyester & Cotton fabric 🧵
  • Hand-printed taleas airplane fabric 👐 ✈
  • Cut-and-sewn by hand 🧷
  • Ships in 2 - 3 business days 📦

Pics from Happy Customers

The Story

I've finally reached an age where fashion trends that I remember from my youth are back! I present to you a staple from the late 1980s and early 1990s hair accessory collection: the scrunchie! These scrunchies are sewn with some extra fabric to help make them super scrunchie and fluffy. The 7-inch band allows for three turns in thin hair (I'm bald, so it doesn't quite work on me) and two turns in thicker hair (my wife has super thick hair and she says it works great). The band is also tight enough to be worn on your wrist, because that also seems to be a modern scrunchie fashion statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

Free for U.S. domestic orders over $50.00. Typically $2 - $7 for smaller domestic orders.

Is there a return policy?

Yep! 30 days for undamaged paper goods and unworn/unwashed clothes. If the product is defective please email me at seth@taleas.com so we can get the issue taken care of.

Where will my order ship from?

All orders are hand-made and shipped from Austin, Texas.

Do you really hand make everything?

I do!

What if I have more questions?

Email me at seth@taleas.com. I design and create every item that I sell and am delighted to answer any questions that you have.