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Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Medium black
Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie
Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Medium black
Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Featured

#141: Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie black Medium


  • Comes with a enduring front pouch pocket, perfect for carrying an expensive smartphone, valuable wallet or any vital accessory
  • A strong mix of cotton and polyester, with a 100% cotton face
  • Comes with a tearaway label because itchy jackets suck
  • Natural-colored and strong drawcords to help fight the elementsYou and your loved ones definitely won’t be saying “boo” when you’re sporting this cute ghostie friend. The brilliant minds at Taleas have always said that ghosts should be respected and adored. How can you not love this little guy?

Please allow 2 - 4 business days for shipment.

Pics from Happy Customers

Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Social
Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Social
Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Social
Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Social
Ghostie Unisex Pullover Hoodie Social

Relax all day with the Taleas Ghostie unisex hoodie. Based on the Halloween 2021 comic, Ghostie is a simple design that adds a feeling of nostalgia to a simple sweatshirt. This hoodie is for any Taleas fan who wants to show off.

Soft and Cozy

The Next Level Ghostie hoodie has a 100% cotton face for a durable finish that lasts through many wash cycles. The interior is a mixture of cotton and polyester for softness and comfort. It is soft enough to be worn alone with a plush feel on the inside.

It is designed to hold up to even the worst weather, from snow and rain to wind and ice. But it is also warm enough to cover up with on chilly days when there's wind, snow, and worse outside. That way it is ideal for those living in any climate or any weather conditions.

The pullover design makes it easier to cuddle into while out or saying home. The drawcord makes it easy to pull tight for added comfort. Plus, the tearaway tag in the bag removes yet another source of itchiness common in other brands. If you already know your size, why do you need it anyway?

Overall Design

The Ghostie design is simple but stylish and fun. It is reminiscent of spooky nights during the Halloween season but doesn't need to be limited to only that. Instead, this unisex hoodie can be worn at any time of year. The quirky aspect makes it something everyone will be talking about.

It has tapered sleeves and waist to give it a sleek fit and style but without compromising the unisex design. It also has a smooth finish to the sweatshirt itself and the design printed onto it. So there are no edges to snag or tear during your normal activities.

The large front pocket of the Next Level Ghostie unisex hoodie holds all accessories for the day including a phone, wallet, and more. It also works perfectly for stuffing your hands in it to keep them warm. This sweatshirt comes in four colors from black and heavy metal, to white and midnight navy to offer a better personal style match and a bold contrast to the white Ghostie.

Where it Comes From

Ghostie is found in the 2021 Halloween comic, sneaking through windows on the second floor of a house on a hill. This haunted house has some secrets and it's filled with other spooky night creatures. There are skeletons and a goblin wandering about as well.

Perhaps the house itself is the part that is most spooky, with its overgrown weeds, cobblestone path, and hazy exterior thanks to the moon. Those who are brave enough may venture past all of those things, or look past them but there is more. The spooky situation of the house, perched on a hill, is only the beginning of what is in store.

There are gravestones for their two lost dogs, a door with a horror smiley, and of course the bloody crime scene as well. A haunted house has plenty to offer, but here there is no end to the spooky features and experiences for those who may be bold enough to visit the house on the hill.

This sweatshirt is reminiscent of that iconic scene and all those favorite creeps.

Just Enjoy Yourself

This sweatshirt is stylish and comfortable for anyone in the family. Available in five different sizes it can be a perfect gift for a loved one or something you keep for yourself. Once you've had a chance to check it out you may decide on both. Adults, teens, and older kids will enjoy the look and feel of the product.

For those who want to show off their love for Halloween and ghosts in general, this sweatshirt can do just that. For those who are fans of Taleas and especially the Halloween issue for 2021, there is no better way to showcase their fandom.

A pullover hoodie offers just the right combination of style and comfort. This Ghostie unisex hoodie does all of that and more.

Based on Comic #141: Halloween 2021

Night. A dilapidated three-story house sits on a hill. A crescent moon and haze hang over the house. Outside on the left are two tombstones with "Otho" and "Sherry". The Other tombstone has a bone, the Sherry is adorned with a heart. Otho and Sherry are the two dogs we've lost in the past two years. The right side of the house has a wooden outhouse. The yard is covered in weeds, and a cobblestone path leads up to the steps of the front porch. The first story has a front door with the Horror Smiley face. A skeleton peers from one window, two eyes and teeth from another. The second floor has a ghost floating by and a bloody crime scene. The attic has a green goblin looking right at you.

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The Story Behind #141: Halloween 2021

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and what better way to spend it than with family? My wife and nieces contributed to this year's Halloween comic, each adding her own idea to the family haunted house. We also included memorials to Otho and Sherry, our pups that we've lost in the past couple of years.

The history of Halloween fascinates me, from the Celtic festival to the modern celebration of chocolate and costumes; but I make a point to celebrate something that is bit closer to home for me: Dia de los Muertos. Specifically, I love honoring the memory of lost friends and family members. My wife and I have our own versions of ofrendas to her parents in our living room, and I've made it a habit to read the book my grandmother wrote about my aunt who passed at a young age. I feel that one of the best things we can do for those we've loved and lost is to keep their memory alive. I've learned that, for me, both the pain and joy of these memories last as long as I allow them.

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Customer Reviews

Kevin S
February 27, 2022

Smooth, steamy, kind of dreamy, this hoodie fits like a glove. The material is soft and caresses my skin, making me feel like I've never left my house. I'd give this six stars if I could - highly recommend this!

The Story Behind taleas Hoodies

No matter if you're young or old, living in Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon, enjoying a cold winter night or a beautiful spring day, you can always use a hoodie!

There is something truly universal and always appealing about the hoodie. It's become a staple of just about every type of personality and fashion sense. For decades now, people have relied on hoodies to feel great and comfortable - and always hip - in any number of situations. That's why I am so excited to introduce the Taleas hoodie. With this comfy creation straight from Taleas laboratories in Austin, Texas, fans of original and creative humor will be able to feel great while supporting independent art.

Yes, each Taleas hoodie includes some of the hilarious, one of a kind artwork that has come to define our special, intelligent, quirky web comic. However, there is a lot more to these soft, pleasant pieces of clothing than just that. Each one is crafted with only the softest, most excellent cotton and terrific materials. This guarantees that none of our hoodies are going to fall apart any time soon. Take them out in the sun, the wind, the rain - they'll hold up and they'll continue to look out-of-this-world great for years to come.

And don't forget about the drawcords! A hoodie is only as good as its drawcords, right? Don't worry, you're going to get only the best with these hoodies. Pull the strings tight and enjoy the comfort of being bundled up against the elements - while showcasing the very best of Taleas!

Frequently Asked Questions

⏱ How long will it take to ship my awesome new ghostie unisex pullover hoodie?

It usually takes about 2 - 4 business days to make, pack and ship hoodies. If anything comes up I'll email you and let you know.

💰 How much does shipping cost?

Free for U.S. domestic orders. For more details check out the taleas shipping policies.

📦 Where does taleas ship hoodies from?

The ghostie unisex pullover hoodie ships from Austin, Texas.

🪃 Is there a return policy?

Totes! 30 days for undamaged paper goods and unworn/unwashed clothing. If the product arrives defective please email us at hello@taleas.com or give us a call at 1-833-580-0600 so we can get your issue resolved.

🤔 What if I have more questions?

Ping me at hello@taleas.com. I design every item that I sell and am delighted to answer any questions that you have.