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#35: Captain Quantum Entanglement

A person is able to tickle Captain Quantum Entanglement from a distance. "Captain Quantum Entanglement's unfortunate weakness."

The Story Behind Captain Quantum Entanglement

I have been reading the book The Infinity Puzzle by Frank Close. The book takes us from the beginnings of Particle Physics and Quantum Electrodynamics all the way to Quantum Physics today. The book is very anecdotal and tells a very rich story, but doesn't actually contain much in the realm of actual Quantum Physics. This isn't really an issue because the book does a fantastic job of showing us the path that science had to take to get us where we are.

Captain Quantum Entanglement is the result of my deep-dive into what Einstein called, "spooky action at a distance" and what was one of the main topics Schrödinger was discussing when he wrote about his hypothetical cat in a box. How unfortunate would it be for a super hero to be accidentally "entangled" with the situations he was trying to stop?

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