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Comics about Astronomy by taleas. Taleas is a cute, quirky, random and slightly weird web comic. You won't find too many recurring characters a plot or a deliberately cohesive story. Each individual comic is intended to stand on its own. Below you'll find an easy to browse archive of all of taleas' comics.

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Earth is Infested With Humans

#150: Earth is Infested With Humans

The planet Saturn, leaning in to Mars (don't ask questions...it's a comic not an Astronomical Chart) saying, "Did you hear? Earth is infested with...humans!" Mars replies, "Ew. That's just nasty." Meanwhile, both planets are being orbited by man-made satellites.
Earth Says I'm Not A Real Planet

#149: Earth Says I'm Not A Real Planet

A despondent Pluto laments to a gruff Mars, "Earth says I'm not a real planet." Mars responds, "Yeah, that's cuz you're not."