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I've been fascinated by airplanes since I was a child. Whenever I am flying in an airplane I feel like I'm doing something humans were never supposed to do. I even went so far as to get my pilot's license and purchase and airplane when I was in my twenties. Because of my love of all things aircraft related, taleas has a few paper airplane comics.
Paper Airplane Wet Hurl

#1: Paper Airplane Wet Hurl

Two stick figures sitting in a paper airplane. The passenger is screaming, "I'm about to hurl" while the pilot calmly states, "It's okay! I just wet myself." Also, there is a pee stain under the pilot.
Safe to Fly

#2: Safe to Fly

A female passenger stick figure asks the pilot stick figure, "Is it safe?" to which the pilot responds, "enough".
Paper Airplane Crash

#18: Paper Airplane Crash

A stick figure sits in a crumpled paper airplane exclaiming, "Seriously!?"