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AI Bot

AI Bot was created one evening while I was sketching robots. I have a few comics about robots but the AI Bot is a little different. He is reminiscent of old Japanese wind-up robots and is artificially intelligent (hence the AI). His purpose is to embody all of the different types of artificial intelligence and bots that I have had the pleasure of working on, experimenting with, or encountering while online. Bots can be as simple as a web crawler that reads web pages or as complex as a system that helps predict and track illness. Companies like Google, Facebook and IBM help move the state-of-the-art forward and I feel like AI has finally found its way into a large part of our daily lives - think speech recognition, self-driving cars, digital assistants, and chat bots. I'm excited and cautiously optimistic to see what the future of artificial intelligence has in store.
AI Bot - Wrangling Bits

#104: AI Bot - Wrangling Bits

A robot dressed in a cowboy hat is attempting to rope a number from among a herd of 0's and 1's.
AI Bot - Artificially Intelligent

#105: AI Bot - Artificially Intelligent

A 1950's style Japanese wind-up robot says, "beep boop beep". The entire image is wrapped by the phrase "I Am Artificially Intelligent".
AI Bot - Self Driving Car

#106: AI Bot - Self Driving Car

AI Bot is driving a mini-van with a distinctive 1970's paint job and three child-bots in the back seat. Two stick figures are desperately trying to avoid getting run over by AI Bot who is exclaiming, "Outta the way!" Meanwhile, one of the child-bots is asking, "Are we there yet?" while another is looking out the back window.
AI Bot - Machine Vision

#108: AI Bot - Machine Vision

AI Bot states, "I see dead people." while a ghost floats nearby.
AI Bot - Bob Ross

#109: AI Bot - Bob Ross

The AI Bot with a big permed hair is painting a typical Bob Ross painting saying, "Yeah, a happy little cloud."
AI Bot - Picking a Random Number

#110: AI Bot - Picking a Random Number

AI Bot looking a the numbers 1, 2 ,3, 4, 7 and 9 and is nervously trying to pick one saying, "Eenie, meenie, miney...mo!"
AI Bot - Inspecting an X-Ray

#114: AI Bot - Inspecting an X-Ray

AI Bot looking at an x-ray of an obviously broken bone, giving a thumbs up saying, "Looks good to me!"
AI Bot - Predicting the Weather

#119: AI Bot - Predicting the Weather

AI Bot standing out in a green field holding a volleyball, as the sun shines brightly in the sky: "Looks like a 90% chance of rain..."